The Science Behind Your Success

Via our strategic alliance with Sponsorship Science, Breaking Limits offers OBJECTIVE industry-leading sponsorship analytics, research and measurement capabilities inclusive of business and brand-impact modeling, strategy road mapping, market research and measured media services.

Macro Challenges

Defining the role of sponsorship within the overall marketing mix

Articulating business, brand and operational objectives that can be impacted by sponsorship marketing

Evaluating sponsorship marketing proposals and understanding the value equation

Acquiring flexible benefits and rights aligned to objectives 

Processing and managing sponsorships efficiently

Ensuring internal unity-of-purpose and alignment

The role of the centre, markets and the agencies 

Setting goals and defining and measuring success (both outputs and impacts)

Measuring contribution from core property benefits/rights and activation assets

Contribution of sponsorship vs. alternative marketing options 

Did you know? 87% of sponsoring corporations claim they do not have enough facts or information to make informed sponsorship decisions or enough research to measure sponsorship return on investment